Reading testide Saved to N. sen De Layout -SANAAEEE. IXA…A . Ab Abb AaBb ABC BI G H 1 В У N M Message Assumptions of the author O Evidence Critical Reading Questions (5 marks x2) Answer two of the following questions in a well-developed paragraph Remember to give attribution to the author and provide evidence to support your ideas 1. What does the writer expect you to understand or believe after reading? Do you agree with their message? 2. How much evidence is used? What kind? 3. What are some of the challenges that employees face when they switch to working remotely? 4. Do you think the article is credible? Give reasons 5. Describe the author’s tone. RI Gy H K K 1 B 3 N 7c av M

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Explicate Some of the Challenges that Employees Face when they Switch to Working Remotely
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