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Problem 1: There are a number of places that make hats. THE HABERDASHER is a custom hat maker that makes made-to-measure hats and customers can choose style, type of material and specialized adornments. Typical hats cost over $500. Headwear is also a hat manufacturer, but it makes large quantities of simple wool hats that are intended to be sold mass-market at a price around $35. They use a single wool felt style and customers can only choose one of three colors and there are no additional options. THE HABERDASHER and Headwear both sell hats, but their company strategies are different resulting in different product attributes and process competencies. Based on the descriptions of the products and companies, complete the following: a. Use the process competencies of process flow time efficiency (ability to process quickly) and process flexibility as your axes, draw a possible operations frontier and describe the strategic positions of THE HABERDASHER and Headwear b. Based on your description of the strategic positions, what process architecture would work the best for each company? C. For each company, specify three different process metrics that could be used to track the effectiveness of their processes towards their strategic position.

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