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In 3-5 pages, explain the similarities and differences, the level of accuracy or error of each, and why one would be better than the other two. External citations are welcome and encouraged, as long as they’re cited in proper APA format. Make sure you’re answering the following questions in your analysis:

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Explaining The Similarities and Differences Of Level Of Accuracy Or Error In A Chart
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RUNNING: chart-

30-39 >2500m 2000-2500m 1700-1999m 1400-1699m <1400m

my results: 1300 meters in 12 minutes; VO2max= 17.78 ml/kg/min

WALKING: my results: HR- 127; TIme- 17min 23 sec; VO2max= 29.05 mls/kg/min

  • Why is it important to know one’s fitness classification and VO2max value?
  • What health risks might it imply if cardiovascular fitness is poor, good, or excellent?
  • How could you use these calculations and field tests for your clients?
  • What have you learned through this assignment that will better prepare you as a professional?

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