Listed below are three questions. You are to answer each question with a clear and coherent essay. Although your answers do not have to be a specific length, the longer and more detailed your response the better your chance of doing well. A one-paragraph answer for each question is not sufficient for a good grade. The content to answer these questions can be found in your textbook, under lecture notes, and through external links that I will be posting shortly.

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Explaining American expansion in the 1840s
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1. Explain American expansion in the 1840s. What events brought about an enlargement of the country

2. List and discuss the various causes of the Civil War starting with the problems created by the Compromise of 1850.

3. Describe the various generals that the Union went through in the East, starting with Irwin McDowell at Bull Run and ending with the promotion of U.S. Grant. Remember to discuss their various strategies, defeats, and victories.

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