“Explainer” media — do a slideshow that explains any of the topics or concepts below. Can be serious, funny, orsatire.•Music video about Uses & Gratifications•Explain how to determine if a web source is credible•How to make a crystal radio set•How the telegraph worked•Radio and the Titanic•The battle for TV: Philo Farnsworth vs. Vladimir Zworykin and David Sarnoff•Timeline of inventions leading to TV•Multi-track recording and Les Paul•George Carlin’s “Filthy Words” routine and the First Amendment•BetaMax vs. VHS•Why we need to clean up space junk•The Digital Divide in the US•A timeline of Net Neutrality•How to make a Deep Fake•How advertising works: ethos, logos, pathos•Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”•How Cultivation Theory works•Explain Gerbner’s Mean World Syndrome•Representation and Stereotypes in Media•A discussion of media effects: how social media affects societyMINI PAPERIn addition to the media project, write a short paper that describes the project:1. What topic or project did you choose and why?2. What was the goal of your project? (for ads: describe target audience)3. How did you achieve that goal? (for ads: what appeals are being applied?)4. Why did you choose the methods you used? (ie: a rap song to teach cultivation)5. List the resources that you used (info sources, books, other) in APA style citations (can also be a part of the media project, such as the last slide on a slide show)6. What did you learn while doing this project? ..

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“Explainer” media — do a slideshow that explains any o
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