Submit a chart explaining the Methodology you’ll be using to understand your perspective of your interest. You may use the same topic you chose for your social justice phenomenon or action project, or you may pick a new topic. Are you coming from an Appreciative Inquiry, a Problem Based Inquiry or both? It is perfectly fine if you only see your interest in one methodology. Just be sure to thoroughly explain why you have a preference of one methodology over the other. Even if you are using one methodology, you should be able to, again, thoroughly explain why the other one doesn’t work. If you find that your interest can work with both AI and PBI be sure to explain why. Vague examples/missing parts will result in an automatic 50%.

Also, don’t forget to incorporate two (2) disciplines that work within your interest or phenomenon. Finally, plagiarism, both intentional and unintentional will not be tolerated for any reason and will result in an automatic zero! Please include a reference page and in-text citations for any borrowed information (use APA format).

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Explain why you have a preference of one methodology over the other.
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