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Question 2 [20] 2.1 South Africa has a hybrid system of corporate governance. Explain what this means and how it has come about (3) 2.2 Briefly describe the regulatory framework that will be applicable to a listed company in South Africa – other than a bank. (The term regulatory framework refers to laws, regulations, codes etc.) (8) 2.3 The Annual Integrated Report of PSG, previously referred to, also contains the following comment: “Notice is hereby given of the annual general meeting of shareholders of PSG Group Ltd (“PSG Group” or “the Company” Explain why shareholder’s meetings need to be conducted and explain the objectives of such meetings. List at least five matters which needs to be considered at the AGM. 2.4 (5)

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” Explain why Shareholder’s Meetings Need to be Conducted and Explain the Objectives of Such Meetings.
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