Marketing is directly impacted by changes in the marketplace and consumer behavior. Thus, learning about marketing is a continual process. Search for and post your favorite recent example of any aspect of marketing you’ve noticed ‘in the real world’ using course concepts – AND share why you think it is an effective marketing example and why you are recommending it to your classmates.

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Explain why Marketing is Directly Impacted by Changes in the Marketplace and Consumer Behavior
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(This is for <Applied Marketing class> )
Class contents:
– Elements of Marketing Strategy, Planning and Competition
– Market Research, CRM, Big Data, Dashboard
– Consumer Targets and Positioning
– New Product Development and Branding
– Service as the Core Offering/SOLUTIONService as the Core Offering/SOLUTION
– TIME/OMNI CHANNEL: Pricing/Place Decisions
– PARTICIPATION: Promotion and Integrated Marketing etc.

(Please don’t take other answers from similar questions, please type answers instead of typing, and please answer with your own words.Thanks)

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