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Question 1 1 pts Chris is being sexually harassed at his job. As a result, Chris is likely to: O A. Have increased job satisfaction and decreased intention to leave his job B. Have reduced absenteeism and increased work productivity C. Have increased organizational citizenship behavior but decreased customer loyalty D. Have reduced job satisfaction and increased intention to leave his job

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Question 2 1 pts Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of work setting that is linked with employee stress and health problems? O A. A high level of supervisor control B. Inadequate opportunities to participate in decision making C. Clear and specific criteria for competent performance O D. High job demands such as having a heavy workload and time pressure

Question 3 1 pts What question(s) should you be asking yourself periodically to help manage your work stress? O A. Have I set realistic goals at work? B. Am I taking work-related issues too personally? O C. What are my strengths, and how can I use them to do what I do best? O D. All of the above O E. None of the above

Question 4 1 pts Billis experiencing a lot of work stress. What is one thing he could do to help manage his stress? A. Forgo his vacation time in order to get more work done and make more money B. Stay up late (and sleep less) in order to catch up on his work C. Cut out exercise from his daily route so he can have more time to get work done O D. Take a vacation


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