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Please read the article attached and answer the following questions with 5-8 sentences each. Your response to each question must be original content from you (no plagiarizing). Be sure that your response is substantiated with a clear opinion, examples and supporting details. Number your response to match the corresponding question.

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Explain why Celebrities use Social Media to Push a New Brand that is Doing so Well Right Now.
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1. Fenty Beauty is a subsidiary of LVMH, how is this an advantage to the brand? How is this a disadvantage?

2. Why do you think celebrities using social media to push a new brand is doing so well right now? It breaks all the theories around marketing. But why are consumers responding so positively?

3. What is Fenty Beauty’s competitive advantage? What makes the brand different from competition?

4. Most of LVMH’s subsidiaries play in the high-end market. Fenty Beauty is an everyday brand. Why do you think the parent company chose to go this route? Especially handing over complete control to Rihanna.


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