Ubiquity: Explain what ubiquity means in terms of electronic commerce, commenting on the difficulty or ease with which different types of customers (nationality, age, education level, occupation, English proficiency, with kids or grandkids or with tech-savvy friends, and many other factors that YOU the MIS students will think of) ……will adopt to e-commerce as part of their natural behaviours (also including mobile commerce) and….

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Explain what Ubiquity Means in Terms of Electronic Commerce
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For buying what types of products or services will they adopt e-commerce more ubiquitously ? Banking or bakery, travel or toothpaste, cars or cosmetics.

What is the best strategy for a firm ? Do you be the first to sell something over the internet (in which case you spend a lot of energy but get all the market to yourself (no competition), or do you prefer someone else to go into the murky crocodile-infested waters before you decide whether to go in or not ?

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