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1 of 1 Sainsburys Case Study Sainsbury’s employs over 153,000 people. Of these, 68% are part-time and 32% full- time. 60% of employees are women. A large Sainsbury’s Supermarket offers around 30,000 products – 50% of these are Sainsbury’s own brand including fresh produce. In addition to a wide range of quality food and grocery products, many stores offer delicatessen, meat and fish counters, pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants and petrol stations Sainsbury’s serves over 14 million customers a week and at the end of March 2005 had 727 stores throughout the UK. Training • Sainsburys have a total of 29 commercial staff on their commercial and e- procurement teams, covering indirect spend (goods and services not for reasale). · Sainsburys train Procurement staff internally in technical areas with some external training in behavioural areas. They have their own in-house legal team who run workshops to disseminate information on changes in the law. . They run a range of procurement courses, particularly to ensure procurement staff are aware of the impact of what they say and how they act · Sainsburys also train people to negotiate effectively. John feels that in key areas their own internal courses are more effective than formal qualifications. • John believes that investing in people is the most cost effective way to save money and improve performance. Performance targets All buyers are set personal targets and each team gets bonuses based on these. Buyers must hit financial targets and are rated according to performance against these targets Corporate • All contracts are negotiated centrally. With their e-procurement system Sainsburys has eliminated any variance in their contract letting procedure. 2. Explain what is meant by the ‘Blog’ and how it is used in business? explain how the business in the case study benefits from blogging.

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