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II – Final STUDENT ID NUMBER: DATE: ID: A Part II – Open Ended Questions (5 points each) Directions: Please answer all questions in paragraph form in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper for the back of the page). There is no specific formatting requirement and no minimum or maximum length other than that the answers be in paragraph form and that they properly answer the questions.

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Explain what Derailment.
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41. Explain what derailment is, and why it occurs.

42. Explain the concept of “The Brand Called You.” Discuss the pros and cons of this idea.

43. Explain the roles of uncertainty, risk, and perceptions in establishing trustful relationships.

44. Power can be gained and used ethically or unethically. What is the primary difference between ethical and unethical power, and what steps should you take to gain and use power ethically?

45. Describe the differences between the integration and learning, access and legitimacy and discrimination and fairness strategies for managing diversity in organizations. Also explain which one is most successful for managing diversity and why.

46. According to Richard Hackman, what are the 3 effectiveness criteria that distinguish high performing teams from mediocre or poor performing teams (e.g., what are the outcomes of a high performing team that enables it to have sustained success over time)?

47. Discuss why diversity has been called a “double-edged sword”.

48. Discuss the concept of “flow”. What is it, and under what conditions is it likely to occur

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