Paper instructions:

– Use this title: Health equity: Universal healthcare should be provided in the United States
– Use this introduction: In thw United States, the argument regarding healthcare reform includes doubts of the right to healthcare, right, justice, sustainability, quality, and amount spent by authorities. This mixed public-private healthcare system in the United States is the most costly in the world, how can we allow the system that denies people life-saving medicines and treatments? In order to achieve a better life for all Americans, it is necessary that everyone has access to free healthcare that will help them live longer, healthier lives. Universal healthcare is an important part of our society because it provides us with the necessities needed for living. It is essential to ensure that every American has the opportunity to have a healthy life.
– Use APA 7 Format (Times New Roman, 12)
– 3 cited sources
– Include 1 piece of evidence in each paragraph
(Directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarize to support each topic)
– Follow prompt link that’s provided

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