VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS WHATABURGER BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE Has prided itself on being an operations driven company and not an investor driven company. Considered and recognized as a “Texas Treasure and even when a controlling interest was finally sold to a Chicago firm, JJ Watt reached out to his 5 million followers encouraging them to buy it back. 80% corporate owned and the 20% franchise have to share an exactness to the corporate philosophy and model. PRIMARY ACTIVITIES HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT WHATABURGER is selling an experience and not just food. People have gotten use to that experience over 70 years and the consumers demand and expect it from there 800 + locations. So training, product quality assurance, customer service, food preparation needs to managed over 800 separate locations. MARGIN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Knowing what consumers are eating and demanding and making sure each separate 800+ location is stocked with the needed inputs – technology needs to flow well with procurement. Also ensure the best pricing and sourcing of the inputs. Their technology allows for 37,000 different burger combinations. PROCUREMENT Sourcing of food and supplies that will meet the quality of food and dining experience the WHATABURGER client has grown to expect and love. Currently 800+ locations so procuring product across those 800 + locations that is consistent quality and same experience. MARGIN Inbound Logistics Operations Outbound Logistics Marketing and Sales Service SUPPORT ACTIVITIES Securing the fresh product to create the high-quality meal experience consumers expect. 24/7 hours of operations and food that is made to order. Food is served fast and to the customers specifications. Company built on quality. 800 + Locations that serve as the 24/7 gathering spots for people from all classes wanting a high-quality 70 years of building on a burger experience that was originally designed to make people say “what a burger. Strong Food made to client’s specification and request. Delivered to the table unlike other fast food places. Open
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Explain the Value Chain Analysis Whataburger Business Infrastructure
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