Paper instructions:

Write a thesis introduction which includes:
a. A purpose statement accompanied by specific, well-written hypotheses
b. A summary of methodologies from three primary sources
c. Definitions of terms and research limitations, as appropriate.
Write a results section for your thesis which includes:
a. A summary of results from at least three primary sources written in paragraph form
b. At least one figure, such as (but not limited to) a table, graph, or picture, which aids in understanding the written results summary.
Write a discussion section as follows:
a. The discussion section should integrate the results from all primary sources to form general conclusions
b. The discussion section should address any major discrepancies in the results obtained from various sources, if necessary
c. The discussion section should offer suggestions for future research efforts and make recommendations for public safety and policy, if appropriate.
Write an abstract for your thesis which consists of:
a. A concise summary of the thesis to include a short statement of purpose and research objectives, abridged results, and briefly stated conclusions
6. In
a. A separate title page which consists of the title of the research thesis, the student’s name, the class name and institution, and a statement near the addition to the sections noted above, the final thesis must include the following elements:
bottom which states why the research is being conducted
b. A separate page with a table of contents and appropriate page numbers
c. A separate page with a list of figures consisting of the figure title as it appears in the text and the page number where it can be found
d. A separate page containing the reference list or bibliography presented in APA format.
Sources must be at least 3 primary reliable sources with citations.

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