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QUESTION 40 In a study investigating the effects of nicotine patches on smoking behavior that was described in class, a large part of the effectiveness of the patch was shown to be due to the placebo effect. This conclusion was determined by O using a control group of participants who wore nicotine-free patches taking blood samples from individuals who were able to stop smoking. O interviewing the participants following the conclusion of the study. Otelling participants to imagine they were not wearing a patch.

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QUESTION 41 Lately, Regina has been gaining a lot of weight, experiencing random chills, and generally feeling that her bodily processes are out of balance. What area of the brain is most likely to be involved in her disorder? O corpus callosum O amygdala O parietal lobe hypothalamus

QUESTION 42 According to the psychodynamic perspective on human behavior human actions are determined by the consequences of their responses to external stimuli. human actions are determined by attempts to resolve conflicts between unconscious motives. human actions can only be understood from an analysis of evolutionary dynamics. human actions are dynamic, much like the workings of a computer.

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