Paper instrutions:

Apply your new knowledge of marketing concepts covered in this week’s unit (Segmenting and Targeting Markets) to real-life scenarios as they are unfolding by discussing these concepts with your classmates.

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There are two parts to this assignment:

First, read and submit a short summary (200-250 words) of an article published within in the past 12 months in The Wall Street Journal on a topic related to the course content. Your summary must include: (1) a discussion about how the information relates to concepts covered in this week’s unit; and (2) a full citation or link to your source so that others can locate the full article. Be sure to give your thread a name that reflects the topic of the article.

Second, reply in a thoughtful and substantive manner to at least two others’ posts (50-100 words per reply). When posting a reply, choose another student’s thread that has not been commented on yet and consider their article summary in relation to the concepts covered in this unit. Please avoid simply repeating previous posts and agreeing. Can you offer any more ideas? Do you need clarification? Ask questions or answer questions from others on the topic or related conversations.

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