Paper instructions:

What is mathematics and why do we study it?
We have shared some ideas in class. We have read what some authors’ have written. Hopefully, you have wrestled with these questions a little bit and have not settled for the easy, often given, non-personal answers.
However, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write an essay incorporating what you heard in class discussion, what you read, and what you have considered on your own, all 3 should be represented.
The essay should address the question: What is mathematics and why do we study it?
It should be at least a page, with 1” margins, single or 1.5 spaced.
Cite ideas or direct quotes, from things we read in class, by (Author, page).
If you refer to other resources, a full bibliographic entry should be provided (MLA style).
Your paper should be well written using proper grammar and correct spelling.
It should have an introduction with a thesis, 3 or 4 nicely developed body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
I am not asking you to write this essay because there are set, obvious, easy, or fixed answers to these questions, but because there are not…. because it is good to think about the answers, how others answer them and how you would answer them.
I do not start from a place that everyone must study math. Nor that math is the most valuable knowledge in the world… thus I think it is important to think about what it is and why you are studying it… beyond the fact that it is a requirement

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