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Which are useful techniques when attempting to “Qualify” a buyer?

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Explain the Most Valuable Techniques for Dealing with Telephone Calls About Product or Service.
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1. Find out what they like about the product or service they are currently using.
2. Ask if a purchase of this nature is within their budget.
3. Ask, “Who, in addition to yourself, will make the final decision?”
4. Ask, “If we are fortunate enough today to find that this product or service meets your needs would you be in a position to proceed?”
5. Ask, “What would it take to get you to buy what I’m selling?”

What are the most valuable techniques for dealing with telephone calls about your product or service?

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1. Always answer calls on the first ring.
2. Acknowledge the caller’s interest.
3. Always try to get the caller’s name.
4. Place caller on hold for at least a minute to collect your thoughts.
5. Answer questions with questions and lead them to an appointment.

Successful salespeople use the following methods to give more successful presentations and demonstrations.

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