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Question 1 1 pts Which country has the highest job satisfaction among its workers? A Canada O B. England OC. United States O D. South Africa O E. Germany

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Question 2 1 pts What is the most common way to measure job satisfaction? O A. Ask the employees’ supervisor to report on how much the employees like their jobs B. Give the employees a blood test (which can reveal their level of job satisfaction) O C. Ask the employees to report their reactions to their jobs using a rating scale D. Observe the employees for several days and make note of how often each employee smiles

Question 3 1 pts Is a happy worker a more productive worker? O A. Yes, especially when worker’s short-lived positive moods are at issue B. Yes, especially when worker’s overall sense of well-being is at issue C. No, happy workers goof around too much and don’t get their job done o o O D. No, there is no relationship between happiness and productivity O E. It depends. Happiness predicts productivity for men, but not for women

Question 4 1 pts Evelyn is frequently in a good mood while she is at work. As a result: O A. Her customers are likely to be disloyal O B. She is likely to be actively engaged O C. She is likely to be unproductive O D. She is likely to be in a bad mood when she gets home

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