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A professional football team set its sights on winning the World Series. The team owner wanted to win big
and win fast. Consequently, the team sank all of its resources into trading for the best players in the league.
It was able to obtain enough of them that within two seasons the team was the World Series champion.
However, the team had committed such a high percentage of its financial resources to players’ salaries that
other important elements of the team began to suffer. Its stadium quickly fell into such a state of disrepair
that fans began to stay home. Training facilities also began to suffer, which caused discontent among the
players. The money left over to pay the salaries of coaches wasn’t enough to hold onto the good ones, most
of whom accepted better offers from other teams. In short, by focusing so intently on the desired end result,
this organization neglected other important aspects of building a competitive team. As a result, the team’s
World Series championship was a short-lived once-in-a-lifetime victory. The very next season the team’s
crumbling infrastructure sent it tumbling to the bottom of its division. Without the people, processes, and
environment to turn the situation around, the team was eventually sold at a loss and moved to another city.
1) What are the main mistakes committed by the football team management? [10 marks]
2) Why would a company that is turning out a satisfactory product want to continually examine its
people, processes and the work environment? [10 marks]
3) Create a hypothetical manufacturing or service organization parallel for this activity. Discuss how
this assignment would apply to a company. [20 marks]
4) Write a vision statement for your hypothetical organization in question 3. [10 marks]
5) Write a mission statement for your hypothetical organization in question 3. [10 marks]
6) Establish three broad objectives for the hypothetical organization in question 3. [10 marks]
7) Describe the steps you would apply in executing your strategic plan in your hypothetical
organization. [10 marks]
8) Explain briefly what aspects should be focused on so that your company will be eligible to win one
of the international quality awards. How can you align these aspects with your strategic plan?

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