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2017 Le Forum AVURMERLIVRA Navigating the Legal & Practical Issues of an Age-Diverse Workforce Jonathan A Seged, Shareholder & Attorney, Jackson Low: P.C. (Moderator) Tom Mathews, SVP, Human Resources. Cree Renata E. McCann, Chiol Talent Office, Leo Burnett Michael Poerksen, SHRM-OP, HR and University Relations Consultant Overview In today’s rapidly changing workplace, many older workers ve experienced age related doc t or. This includes discrimination on bewch webe umanes in the hiring and advancement process, and systemicus in organizations, where young people are often favored The most important advice from this panel is the need for workers of any age to engage in continuous leaming As the nature of work changes, employers are demanding new skils such as analytical capabilities tecnological savvy crtical thinking capabilities, and the ability to work in teams Those who are complacent and are not constantly developing new skills will lose out. Those who continuously adapt and constantly leam will have opportunities, regardless of age. h 2016. almost 21000 age discrimination charges were filed with the FFOC and the FFOC collected more than $88 milion from these changes. But these EOC cams and collections ere just the top of the keberg. They dont include private logation, selements, or incidents that were never reported The experience of panels and participants indicates that destination for older workers is way blatant it can be subtle but can make it extremely difficult for individual seeking a new job to get hired and can raice obstacles to existing workers getting promoted Several stories were shared of extremely capable, wel qualified individuals in the 50s having great difficulty in finding new positions, while less qualified individuals in their 30s found employment much more easily and quickly Context These experienced panelists, along with session participants, shared Insights and experiences about legal and practical issues faced by older workers Key Takeaways Mature workers are extremely concerned about discrimi nation in the workplace Descrimination is defined as unequal treatment of employees based on protected characteristics Research shows that • SAR of workers say they have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace • 58% of dit helleve age incrimination begins among workers in the 50s The experience of session attendees supports this data 2 the vast majority said they personally have dealt with age discrimination, or they know a family member friend, or coleague who has experienced age discrimination The key obstacles facing mature workers are technological discrimination, human blases, and systemic issues Three major hurdles were identified that create challenges for നitiure has • Technical discrimination. Some job search websites may Inadvertently exclude older workers. For example on one site, a drop-down menu that requires you to select the year when you graduated orgot your first only went back to 1980. As a result, they may overlook the expert Cnces and cons of mature workers. An outcome is that these technologies can discriminate against older workers and don’t appropriately match older workers to jobs. As an example, Michaeresen was told by automated websites that he didn’t have adequate experi once interviewing , despite having Interviewed thousands of individuals over 30 years. Several state, such as linols, are currently investigating job search websites to correct the us that may cause age discrimination SIRM Foundation 2007 The S ons Forum • Human A w as shared that of resumes H Restructuring and reduction info canto workers hander ocally when an undertake a restructure oraroduction for the paymen t costs. Since der wees with more ser may cost the game w ay mpacted. The pants que ha decis based on short-term costs are shoes white workers come with greater costs, they also have more we experience and c alls One participant beves that compre h et e nt plans, when experiencing asosing or they are more key to think about stating more strategkaly and not ch a nge those with the me. Once a person me, they The b est the Forecamp a person may ka s about what you a person graduated hom w wwga p age As proviny a person who worked for two compresor 21 years in a fe with sporty was owed as state Now, managers may view the same personas akong enough diverse experiences nella McCann said in the adveng industry there can be percepties. For examince most advert ing is directed and young people there is a perception that an employee needs to be young order to larget the young Aresults that older people, even with significant advertising experience may be overlooked. Other human ses can nchidering job posting that seek digital nesrecipe who fost paced dynamk, creative and innovative, which ma y lagoong someone who opposed to someone oder Smk P edalin many co m o avery ils and experiences to a speciero Unossa person mach a very now f o ns, they wwt be consider sich h i er workers may be deemed to b e of a person worked in muid s eed to one per industry the treach of experiences wed as a negative, nola posle Ana member de ployers not to look the ye someone good to be on the land ape rodina p r o w wel person’s pencemaches w i edrogass of age in this changing work wi n ter w how experienced challenges as well as significant Chat wice and prayer workers are rapi changes in the Mpes of demanded the workforce. For example for employers are looking for deep analytical and expertise in a Few oder workers have these skills, putting them at ads In this apygment w as workers of all ages song con g lo be doing an While these rapid changes in the pressione workers to adapt and there are s omeone partnerbedaan a cher volunteered to be we of the hope of Chromebook The chew e d by tech the downloaded up younger colleagues “You need to be continuously learning and changing your skills, because the workplace is moving. If you’re not learning you’re falling behind It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or you’re 50, if you’re not constantly learning the world of work is going to pass you by really quickly.” – Participant . Another success story is that many companies are working to combat age-related discrimination by adopting new policies and practices to create more inclusive workplaces. One example of a practice is offering personal purpose workshops where individuals reflect on their purpose and passions These can be done by multigenerational cohorts Tips for transition. For anyone going through transition Michael Poerksen suggested Don’t neglect your local HR network People are often so focused on their online nelwork that they forget to constantly nurture their local network 2 Take care of your Linkedin promie. Keep it up to date and secure recommendations, which speak to your character 3. Embrace support During transitions, it is important to have support from family. Trends, and coworkers Organizations are having success with reverse mentor- ing and dual mentoring programs. Several participants mentioned successful reverse mentong and dual mentoring programs. With reverse mentoring young er individuals who are comfortable with technology, serve as mentors for older workers who want to learn more about technology. This builds skills and relationships, and exposes individuals to different roles in the organization One individual shared a different model termed dual mentor ing in this model individuals or any age Identify something of value that they can teach to others, and also identity something that they want to learn from someone else. Thus, each person is both a mentor and a mentee. With this model the role of HR is to match people who want to learn and assist others, which can be an excellent way to get generations talking to and learning from each other. Discussion Adabonal comments and reflections include • Leadership. One participant argued that as companies wrestle with age-related issues, a company’s behavior is based on the behavior of its leaders, particularly the CEO and CHRO. Fear of litigation. In some cases, companies could Implement more creative policies that would be attractive to older workers, such as phased retirement or encour- agement to downshift, however many employment laws have not caught up to these practices. So companies may be reluctant to try them for fear of tigaban and discovery HR engages in both talent management and risk manage ment. While vanus policies might be beneficial to some older workers, such policies could expose a company to legal risks, which prevents companies from pursuing these policies

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