Paper instructions:

Download this OCEAN Model templatePreview the document before you begin this part of your project. Add behaviors and traits that define and describe you.  Two behaviors or traits are already provided.  Conduct research on the OCEAN or the Five Factors and look for more behaviors and traits that describe your personality.

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Prepare a two-three (2-3)-page report, not including the cover page and any references page, that discusses the following points and questions. You should use at least one outside resource. Using an additional resource and your textbook can help with this assignment.  Be sure to cite your sources.

Using Walter Isaacson’s video on Steve Jobs presented above, explain how Job’s personality fits or does not fit the OCEAN model.
What traits of Job’s do you admire or want to emulate?
Which traits do you not admire?
Using the OCEAN Model template, use critical reasoning to identify your own traits and behaviors for each of these five factors: You should have a total of five traits and behaviors for each factor.  Compile your traits and behaviors for each factor to describe your personality.
Where do you have room for growth?  Which factors and behaviors can you develop? What steps will you take in your work practice to develop those factors?
In conclusion, explain the connection between personality traits and behaviors with leadership practices in the workplace. How does your personality contribute to your organization’s leadership dynamics?

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