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Book Essay (Pig Behind The Bear):

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Explain the Increase Risk of Sex Trafficking/Abuse.
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The book introduces the difficult subject of sex trafficking and abuse. After reading the book I would like you to discuss your views/insights with regard to whether or not you think societal views about sex (e.g. hymen biology, thoughts on virginity, knowledge of sex and gender diversity, etc.) increase the risk of sex trafficking/abuse, and whether or not you think the marginalization of immigrants makes them more vulnerable to sex trafficking/abuse? Your response should connect to the book (characters and/or scenes), and should also reference at least one outside source (provide citation(s) at the end of the essay, format and style is your choice) in order to address the question in greater depth.

Make sure to use good grammar and clearly organize your thoughts. For your essay double-space, use 12-point font with one-inch margins and Do Not exceed 500-600 words (approximately two pages (single-sided).

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