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QUESTION 46 Henry is suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease that has damaged the myelin associated with his nerve cells. As a result, which of the following symptoms is Henry most likely to experience: difficulty understanding speech difficulty moving quickly difficulty in seeing objects that are in the left side of visual space O difficulty in remembering things he has just learned

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Explain the Importance of Keeping Complete Records of Observations and Data Analyses.
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QUESTION 47 A research assistant who is working in a psychologist’s laboratory learns the importance of keeping complete records of observations and data analyses. Such procedures are followed in order to increase objectivity o increase subjectivity increase observer bias. prevent other researchers from replicating a study.

QUESTION 48 A psychologist is doing research for a pharmaceutical company. The drugs he is testing are numbered so that he does not know what they are, nor does he know which participants are receiving which drugs. The control procedure that is being used in this study is called a O within-subjects control. correlational control. double-blind control оо O experimenter control

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