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QUESTION 4 You use a mouse model of IBD to design an experiment to investigate the role of TRPV1 in IBD-related pain. You isolate and culture sensory afferent neurons innervating the colonic mucosa from control mice and mice suffering from IBD, and perform a calcium imaging experiment as follow: Neurons from control mico Fura-2 (20 minutes) TRPV1 stimulation by capsaicin Recording of Cat responses Neurons from IBD mice • TRPV1 is activated by capsaicin (the purgant ingredient of hot pepper). This is often used in the lab to elicit TRPV1 responses. However, in this particular experimental setup, we are not interested in the effect of capsaicin on TRPV1, but rather the difference in capsaicin-evoked TRPV1 response between control and IBD neurons. 400 TRPV1 stimulation (capsaicin) 300 1BD Control Interpret the results presented on the right. Do not discuss the details of the calcium imaging technique, but rather the difference in capsaicin-evaked TRPV1 response between neurons isolated from control and IBD mice. (2 points) (wu) L.zeol 200 100 0 Time

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