Paper instructions:

Q1: As a student, you need to demonstrate your understanding in conducting the three stages of strategy including strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Therefore, you need to elaborate with your own understanding the difference between the three stages and highlight examples from your own. (5 Marks) (C1, C2)

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Explain the Difference Between the Three Stages of Strategy{formulation,implementation and evaluation}.
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Q2: Select any Mission Statement of a Company of your choice and evaluate the Mission Statement of the organization against the 9-mission statement component and suggest the missing component with valid justification. 5 Marks (A1, B1)

Q3: Select any company of your choice and conduct a SWOT analysis with a support of critical analysis of the Literature Review 5 Marks (B1, D4) Important Guidelines: • The assignment should be at least 1200 words, the assignment should be developed based on critical analysis and your own understanding. • Submission will be made through MOODLE with checking it against similarity (turn-it-in) with a maximum similarity of 10% • References should be provided at the end, and should be referenced according to Harvard Reference style or APA

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