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Question: A COVID vaccination facility would like to understand their facility requirements given the processes behind storage and admission of the vaccine. Let’s apply the simulation techniques you have learnt thus far. You are given the following assumptions: Citizen arrivals are exponentially distributed with a mean of 20 minutes The service time (time needed to be vaccinated) is exponentially distributed with a mean of 14 minutes Queue discipline: FIFO, no balking, reneging, jockeying 1. Vaccination station’s utilisation rate only during vaccination (2) 2. The average number of people in the queue (1) 3. The average time a person spends waiting in the queue (1) 4. Provide the Kendall notation for this configured process (1) 9. How many chairs should be placed in the waiting area for patients in the queue? (1) 10. How many patients were vaccinated on this day (8 working hours/day) (2) 11. Why is there a difference between the analytic and simulated utilisation rate? (1) 12. Assuming the target number for this area is 600 people and the facility is only operating 8 hours a day, how many days would it take to reach this target? (2) 13. Factor social distancing and assume each person must be 2m apart. Draw a basic facility layout (diagram with blocks) showcasing the seating arrangement of the waiting area and the vaccination area. Dimensions need not be exact. Also, each person may not move to another seat. (4)

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