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Swedish company Videsson AB is a well-known manufacturer of frozen pies, both savory and sweet. The company has a stable market share in Sweden, where they sell through all major retail chains. However, due to limited population growth – market is at best, stagnating, so they are interested in pursuing growth strategy through internationalization Owners called a meeting with different executives and they want answers on a couple of issues: A) Explain the leverages (benefits or advantages) of globalization Provide a description for every identified advantage of globalization (define them!) and then explain how each of them impacts Videsson and their business B) Owners recently attended big food fair in USA – and found out that there is a positive attitude towards food from Scandinavia – however serving such geographically distant market might be difficult – so they are thinking about outsourcing production. Please explain factors the management should take into consideration when making decision to outsource manufacturing (except management vision) C)  answer here Teckent BIUX, X X 18!Explain the difference between being local vs international vs global brand? How would you position Videsson’s products according to consumer culture positioning (CCP) and why? Explain briefly country-of-origin effect Fill in your

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