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Macro Community Analysis Using Theoretical Models Rationale: This assignment is designed to measure HBSE II educational outcomes as they relate to a student’s understanding of macro theories as applied to explain the development and operation of communities. Students will also develop an understanding of social justice and resource allocation from the macro perspective. Instructions: Think of the United States as a community within a global ecosystem. Pick a particular social justice issue, such as access to health care, poverty, crime, etc. and analyze the problem using the theoretical models of organizations and communities we have discussed in class. The goal is for you to understand, at the most macro of levels, the systemic social, economic, and political forces that affect human behavior.

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Part I: Macro Community Analysis (Competencies 2, 5,7: K, CAP)
Within this portion of the assignment, you will select a particular social problem and comprehensively describe the extent of the problem and its history. For instance, if you choose racism within policing, your paper will illustrate the extent of the problem within the U.S. community, while also comparing the US community to other communities in other parts of the global “system”. The idea is for you to see the linkage between what occurs in other parts of the world and what happens in the United States, which in turn affects human behavior at the macro level. Please include at least 5 scholarly sources for this part of your paper. (Please note: You may not choose health disparities as your topic)

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