Paper instructions:

Drawing on all readings in this module and at least three outside sources, write a 3 to 4 paged paper in support of this thesis.

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You must provide evidence: research based facts and statistics that support the claim. Importantly, you must address arguments that could be raised to counter this statement. Papers will be graded on: 1) the degree of insight demonstrated in addressing the topic, 2) the completeness of coverage of the topic, 3) the degree to which course material and readings are integrated into the discussion, and 4) the quality of writing which includes grammar, proper use of citing, and organization and clarity of the paper.


Whether quoting or paraphrasing material, make sure that you give authors credit for their work.  The basic rule of thumb is that if it is not your original thoughts or words, you must provide a citation. You must use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for in-text citations and end of text referencing. This is an academic paper. Therefore, the tone of the paper and the vocabulary used should be formal. Do not write in the first person or provide personal accounts. Moreover, your opinion is not germane, unless support for it is provided.

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