Question 1 (2 pts)

Which of the following is an example of active learning?

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Group of answer choices

  • lectures given by a professor
  • online discussion boards
  • chapter reading assignments

Question 2 (2 pts)

Which of the following is an example of a popular mnemonic device?

Group of answer choices

  • Abbr.
  • Cal If. Ornia
  • Roy G. Biv

Question 3 (2 pts)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), college-age students should get at least ________ hours of exercise each week.

Group of answer choices

  • six
  • two and a half
  • four

Question 4 (2 pts)

You are more likely to remember

Group of answer choices

  • the content you hear in the first ten minutes of class.
  • the content you hear in the middle of class.
  • the content you hear in the last ten minutes of class.

Question 5 (2 pts)

Research on effective note-taking indicates that students are ________ more likely to remember key information if it’s present in their notes.

Group of answer choices

  • 5%
  • 34%
  • 16%

Question 6 (2 pts)

Looking at pictures and bodies in your anatomy class in an example of which type of learning?

Group of answer choices

  • auditory
  • visual
  • kinesthetic

Question 7 (2 pts)

For everyone 1-hour class session, you’re generally expected to spend ________ of time on homework and study outside of class.

Group of answer choices

  • 4-5 hours
  • 0-1 hours
  • 2-3 hours

Question 8 (2 pts)

Which of the following steps should you take if you need to miss class?

Group of answer choices

  • plan in advance, talk to classmates, do the reading assignments and homework
  • call the instructor before and after the missed class, do the reading assignments and homework
  • turn in your assignments beforehand, talk to fellow students, get in touch with your academic adviser

Question 9 (2 pts)

Which is the type of reading material you are likely to utilize most in a math course?

Group of answer choices

  • popular magazine articles
  • literature
  • textbooks

Question 10 (2 pts)

Which would be the best study tip for an auditory learner taking a math-intensive class?

Group of answer choices

  • Take frequent breaks to stand up and walk around.
  • Color code your notes.
  • Listen to music while you study (and even during the test if that’s permitted in your testing center).

Question 11 (2 pts)

When reading a math textbook, you should pay extra attention to

Group of answer choices

  • section titles.
  • graphs and tables.
  • textboxes including examples and definitions.

Question 12 (2 pts)

What do you call the explanation the assignment that gives its parameters (such as word or page count, types of source, etc.), and provides the criteria for grading?

Group of answer choices

  • a rubric
  • a thesis question
  • an assignment prompt

Question 13 (2 pts)

Creating your own wording of essential information and ideas expressed by someone else is a

Group of answer choices

  • summary.
  • quotation.
  • paraphrase.

Question 14(2 pts)

Yvonne has to remember the definition of “hypertension” (high blood pressure) for her upcoming test, and kept forgetting it until she realized that the ________ is hyper, which is easy to remember as “too much” because her younger brother, Raul, is hyperactive.

Group of answer choices

  • index word
  • root word
  • connecter word

Question 15 (2 pts)

Which is the best advice for taking notes during your math lecture?

Group of answer choices

  • Write down things you don’t understand and mark that you don’t understand them.
  • Write down only the things you understand.
  • Focus on writing down the material that seems new or interesting.

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