Question 7 2 pts Using therapeutic techniques to improve psychological functioning and promote adjustment to life is known as O eclectic therapy O treatment O psychotherapy O counseling
Question 8 2 pts Critics suggest that which of the following MIGHT happen with behavior therapy? O Marcel makes great progress with a behavior modification program in the hospital, but his maladaptive behavior returns once he gets home. O Jason stops his compulsive gambling, but upon leaving therapy, begins to compulsively shoplift. O Brandy works with adolescents on an inpatient unit; she is reinforcing behaviors that fit with her own religious and moral beliefs and punishing behaviors that don’t fit. O All of these options
Question 9 2 pts Traditional antipsychotics appear to O decrease activity at dopamine receptors O increase activity at dopamine receptors O target specific dopamine receptors O target specific serotonin receptors

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Explain Techniques that can be Used to Improve Psychological Functioning and Promote Adjustment to Life.
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