Paper instructions:

Write an argument on some topic you feel strongly about. It can be about anything for which there are two or more perspectives, anything that is debatable; however, a few topics are not allowed: abortion, gun control, legalizing marijuana, and metaphysical or faith-based issues (that is, issues that rely only on imagination, subjective feelings, religious texts or invisible beings to “prove” their cases, e.g. reincarnation).

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Consider all sides of the issue so you can argue effectively and appeal to a particular audience, using ethical and/or emotional appeals when appropriate.
Support your proposition with logical evidence (rational appeals), giving credit to a minimum of two sources. Always use the MLA system of documentation for sources, with a Works Cited page at the end. Your argument may, if you choose, be in direct response to one or more of your sources. If so, summarize the source material early in your essay.

your first priority is to explain why you hold a certain opinion, and your second is to call your readers to action in response to that opinion if action is warranted.
Your argument should also include some acknowledgment of opposing views, with rebuttals or refutations. Point out logical fallacies in opposing views, while avoiding such errors yourself.


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