Paper instructions:

You are a Project Manager at IT Development Company. You have been assigned to deliver a project that is worth $500,000 fixed price over 6 months. It is a software development project – your team is supposed to develop a new version of “Murdoch Student LMS App”. The requirements are all understood and signed off. (Murdoch student LMS App is the platform that all the students use to access all their academic related matter such as study materials and etc)
Your task is to present an approach to starting the project up, proposed project timeline, how you would monitor/control the project, how you would manage stakeholders and your approach to commercial control. Keep it high level, aiming the presentation at management rather than technical.
Your presentation should clearly define the following:
• The project’s objectives;
• The scope of work to be completed within this timeline;
• Proposed plan for the delivery;
• Billing schedule;
• Key milestones (these could be aligned with the billing schedule);
• Examples of risk and issue logs;
• Your approach to reporting and stakeholder management.

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Explain how you Would Manage Stakeholders and your Approach to Commercial Control.
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All the above-mentioned points should be presented in PowerPoint. Marking emphasis of this assignment will be on critical evaluation and demonstration of an understanding of the principles in project management.

•    No need citation, no need lengthy words, no need referencing,
•    Just powerpoint slides to illustrate main points and focus on visuals.

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