Paper instructions:

One page typed, double spaced document detailing what you plan to accomplish in CA VIII.

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*Setting Analysis
Double spaced document explaining how your physical work space affects your achieving the purpose of CA VIII.
Please eliminate the people part of this submission.  This submission is all about objects and things.  Describe the building, its location, lighting, fixtures, windows, furniture, paint job, flooring, rugs, computers, printers, fax machines, hardware, software, etc.

*Situation Analysis
Two pages typed, double spaced document explaining how your work situation affects your achieving the purpose of CA VIII.  This includes your education, work history, work experience, personal and/or family connections, and anything else that you feel makes you competitive in the market place.

*Need, Opportunity, Problem Analysis
Three pages typed, double spaced document analyzing the need(s), and/or opportunity(ies) and/or problem(s) you will be addressing in your CA.
Needs consist of community needs that the business community has not yet addressed.  Opportunities consist of benefits to yourself resulting from your business activities.  Problems consist of situations you must overcome to achieve your business goals.

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