Question 1 2 pts Modern psychodynamic therapy is different from psychoanalysis in all but which of the following reasons? Treatment is briefer Therapy occurs face-to-face Therapy is more directive All of the above are valid reasons

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Explain how Modern Psychodynamic Therapy is Different From Psychoanalysis.
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Question 2 2 pts In therapy, Alda started speaking about her upcoming birthday, which reminded her of a childhood birthday. In discussing her fifth birthday, she remembered feelings of rage and disappointment, and recalled a dream she’d had last night in which she was behind the wheel of a steamroller. This process would BEST be described as O dream analysis O psychotic processing free association all of these options


Question 3 2 pts Beck practices , which attempts to change not only destructive thoughts and beliefs, but the associated behaviors as well. psycho-behavior therapy O cognitive-behavior therapy thinking-acting therapy belief-behavior therapy

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