Paper instructions:

An uploaded copy of the article to review is attached as a pdf. Here is the citation and link:
Schacter D. L. (2012). Constructive memory: past and future. Dialogues in clinical neuroscience, 14(1), 7–18.

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Explain how Memory Distortions May be Considered Adaptive.
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please follow these specific INSTRUCTIONS as follows.

Questions that must be Answered:

1.    Describe the three aspects of constructive memory dealt with in the article.
2.    Explain how memory distortions may be considered adaptive.
3.    What conclusions have been asserted from neuroimaging studies into constructive memory and imagining the future?
4.    How does the brain distinguish between true and false memories?
5.    What are the implications of this article? In other words, how does this work affect everyday people, theory formation, interpretation of current events, etc.

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