– Briefly (in a couple of sentences) introduce your Jeanswear brand and clearly state the purpose of the report.
Provide an appropriate title to this section (e.g. Consumers increasing ethical considerations)

Using your marketing audit, identify a factor (or a combination of interrelated factors) that carries important implications for your brand’s performance, and critically discuss how this informed /shaped your strategy.
You MUST draw on industry and academic literature to make inferences and relational points.

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Explain how and to what extent you are differentiated from your competitors.
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Present the Perceptual map as it stands at the beginning of Q4, and critically discuss your brand’s positioning relative to competition.
Identify and analyse your competitors in your simulated market ONLY (not the real-world jeans market, e.g. Levis).
Explain how and to what extent you are differentiated from your competitors.
Identify and discuss potential strategic problems and/or alternatives.
Outline and Discuss your brand’s repositioning (if applicable).
– Provide a very brief summary of what you have discussed above.

– Appendices should be signposted within text, and then placed at the end of the report. All tables and figures MUST be presented in the Appendices. Make sure these are numbered and that you are providing appropriate titles for each Appendix presented.
– Important note: Please remember to include three electronic copies of the “Group meeting form” here too.

Demonstrate critical thinking

Make a point
Provide evidence to support your argument – synthesizing different pieces of information from various sources provides best results.
Evaluate the implications for your Jeanswear brand
How did this information guided your strategy?

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