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Based on strategic alignment, the focus of your analysis throughout this project, should the client enter the Lubbock market by opening a full-line store? * Yes No How did your analysis of the client’s strategy inform your recommendation? Explain how you used the analyses of the various strategic dimensions to determine your overall recommendation. For instance, did you base your recommendation on the presence or absence of absolute alignment between the opportunity and all dimensions of the client’s strategy (e.g., “yes” only if entering the Lubbock market via full-line store aligns with the client’s arena, differentiators, and vehicles/staging). Did you do something else (e.g., recommend “no” to the overall entry decision if entering the Lubbock market misaligned with the most crucial dimension of the client’s strategy, such as its differentiators, regardless of alignment on arena and vehicle/stage)? Be precise, clear, and compelling in the explanation of your approach. * Your answer What else would you recommend to the client? Only make and explain any points that will enrich your recommendation. For instance, if you advise against entering the Lubbock market through a full-line store, would another business unit/division be better suited to this this market? If you do not have anything additional to offer here, enter N/A for your answer. Your answer

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