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Question 13 Which of the following is an example of an advertising medium? O newspapers television magazines direct mail O all of the above Question 14 Which of the following statements describes an advantage that personal selling has over other forms of promotion? The sales message can be varied according to the motivations and interests of each prospect. Personal selling can be directed only to qualified prospects. Personal selling costs can be adjusted by controlling the size of the sales force. Personal selling is considerably more effective at creating a satisfied customer than other forms of promotion. All of the above statements describe how personal selling is superior to other forms of promotion. Question 15 1 p American Pet Pro purchases pet grooming supplies from various manufacturers, sorts them, and resells them to retailers. American Pet Pro a(n) wholesaler. O merchant O agent O manufacturers’ O functional O vertical Question 16 1 p Leon Georges works in the warehouse for a manufacturer air-purification systems. He is responsible for the transportation of metal components, preformed plastic, etc. used to manufacture the systems as well as the efficient movement of the finished systems from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse to distribution trucks. Georges is involved in: O distribution intermediation countertrading O component logistics O centralized transportation Question 17 Which of the following is NOT a type of retailer? O factory outlets discount stores O supermarkets manufacturers’ representative O department stores Question 18 Which of the following is NOT an example of a promotional goal? creating awareness O providing information O delivering the product O retaining customers increasing the use of products

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