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Question 1 Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and typhoon are no joke and it affect global businesses. Thousands of flights are cancelled while businesses who sells perishable products such as berries, fresh fish and flowers, African farmers, European fresh produce importers and flower traders from Kenya to the Netherlands found their business threatened by air traffic shutdown. Even manufacturers are affected. For example, BMW had to scale back workhours because it depended on flights to bring transmission and other components by air.

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Explain “Contingency Planning” and “Crisis Management” and its Importance.
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(a) Explain “Contingency Planning” and “Crisis Management” and its importance. You can quote examples from the case above. (26 marks)

(b) Explain FOUR (4) purpose of planning for an organisation. (24 marks)

Question 2 Describe the FIVE (5) stages of group development based on your department or project team. (30 marks)

Question 3 Explain “Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory” and relate it to your company. (20 marks)

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