Assignment 2 – Case Study (Zoe) Task Outline: Case study academic essay (3000 words) This task requires you to write a structured academic case study essay. The essay is an analysis of the information and observation data provided for Zoe. The TIPBS plan is developed to support the traumatised child, with engagement and social-emotional learning, and the teacher in providing an inclusive and safe learning environment. In your case study essay:
•Utilise APA essay structure and referencing conventions.
•Summarise (in a few paragraphs) the key concepts of attachment theory within the context of a trauma-informed approach to intervention.
•Include a brief demographic description of the student and relevant contextual information about thelearning environment and school / instructional setting that would be important for the teacher to know.
•Describe three behaviours (B) of concern from the functional behavioural assessment (FBA) data.
•From the functional behavioural assessment (FBA) data justify the identification of the target behaviour tobeprioritised for intervention including details of the topography, frequency, duration and force or severity ofthe behaviour
.•Explain and justify your key hypothesis and the possible function of the target behaviour with reference tohow your hypothesis relates to the theoretical underpinnings of behaviour theory, trauma and attachmenttheory, and any further assessment/information you would like to utilise to validate this hypothesis.
•Provide a detailed explanation and justification of the contents of the Trauma-Informed PositiveBehaviour Support plan with consideration to:
•replacement behaviours and relevant skills required to engage in the replacement behaviours;
•timing of interventions and expectations in regard to outcomes and achievement of goals (behaviouraland academic);
•environmental modifications, such as rituals and routines, relationships and reinforcers;•
adjustments to the curriculum e.g. content, engagement, demonstration of understanding, anddelivery;
•relevant documents/policy applicable to your context; and•collaboration and consultation with key stakeholders of the support team.

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