Alternative Assessment (100%) Main Task Answer all questions. Please critically discuss the theme and issues using a broad range of credible sources in Essay format of 500 + – words per question. Use examples or case studies to illustrate your answer. Your answers must include definitions, concepts and relevant theories. Please refer to Appendix 1: Marking Criteria for Essay for assessment requirements. Question 1(25%) Entrepreneurial organizations are structures that promote the emergence and development of ideas from all members of the firm. To be functional, such an organization must have specific features that allow alternative views to emerge. Articulate the characteristics of an entrepreneurial environment. I Question 2(25%) Entrepreneurs make numerous business decisions each day, many of which have significant legal implications. Due to a lack of time and knowledge, however, these entrepreneurs too often make quick decisions regarding important matters–both current and future–based on a few primary factors, one of which is cost. Examine legal issues that entrepreneurs must consider during setting up a venture.

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Examine Legal Issues that Entrepreneurs must Consider During Setting up a Venture.
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