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Read the story. Then, answer the questions below. The Lion and the Mouse by Aesop One day after a big meal, a great lion fell asleep at the door of his cave. As he was dreaming of all kinds of good things, he felt a thug at his mane and drowsily lifting up a paw, caught a little mouse. “Grrrr,” growled the lion. “What are you doing in my mane? I’ll eat you up.” “Oh, please, your majesty,” squeaked the mouse. “Please spare me. I had no idea you were a lion. I thought you were a haystack and I was looking for some nice hay for my nest. If you forgive me, and let me go, I’ll repay you some day. One good turn deserves another.” Some days later, a party of hunters were looking for lions to put into the zoo. They saw his huge tracks, caught him, and threw a big net over him while they hurried off to bring back a cage… The lion roared in anger and the jungle shook with his growls. The little mouse heard it and said, “I know that voice.” And off he pattered at full speed in the direction of the roars. He found the lion tugging at the ropes of the net and making as much noise as a thunderstorm.” “Shhhh,” said the mouse. “Keep still and I’ll take care of those ropes.” just as the hunters were returning with the cage… The little mouse gnawed away at the ropes and the lion was able to escape “I told you I would repay you some day,” smiled the mouse in triumph. Even a mouse can help a lion.

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1. What made the lion fell asleep after a big meal?

2. What kind of an animal did the lion catch?

3. What did the lion desire to do with the mouse?

4. Why did a mouse make a promise to the lion?

5. What persuaded the lion to believe the mouse promise?

6. What did the mouse do to help the lion after he was caught by the hunte

7. If you are the mouse, would you keep your promise to the lion? Why?

8. What is the tone of the story?

9. What is the mood conveyed in the story?

10. What do you think is the writer’s purpose of writing this story?

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