Managing Business Operations

Employee Management
Employee management in quality control operations is primarily based on scientific management principles. This principle suggests that workers should be rewarded for accomplishing their set objectives and goals. They should also be rewarded with promotions for achieving certain degrees of academic education. McDonald’s food chain has implemented the use of job promotions and

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Evaluate what the five performance objectives mean for the operation in McDonald’s?
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competitive wages where hardworking employees are recognised and rewarded. McDonald’s rewards exceptional and outstanding employees in different ways such employee of month awards and positive remarks and cognitions (Slack, Chambers and Johnston 2013). The organisation has implemented some thorough and precise procedures that govern the employees’working environment and ensures the food products being sold to customers are of high and uniform quality in all its franchises.

What approach(es) does McDonald’s seem to take for its capacity management to reconcile capacity and demand?

Analyse the implementation of the four Ds by the McDonald’s restaurants?

Evaluate what the five performance objectives mean for the operation in McDonald’s?

At the Dorchester McDonald’s branch, cars arrive at the Drive-Thru at a rate of 25 per hour and only one drive-thru till is open. The average time it takes for an order and collection is 5 minutes. Assuming that the interarrival time and the service time are both exponentially distributed.

Calculate the average number of customers arriving at the till and the average time they must wait before exiting McDonald’sDrive-Thru.

You are encouraged to use calculations to prove any challenges if there is any and suggest any solutions, based on the calculations.

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