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Assignment Questions Choose ONE question from the list below. The word length is 1250 words. This does not include references. Please follow the referencing rules set out in the Student Handbook. The 1. Critically evaluate the HR practices at Google or Facebook or other such US hi-tech companies. 2. Flexible working is a response to the different ways people choose to work and employer’s willingness to accommodate to these demands. Critically discuss 3. Each person experiences the application of effort when working in an individual or subjective way, and in this sense, there can be no objective standard for measuring the performance of the worker. Critically discuss. 4. Discuss the implications for workplace equity from the idea of employing people for their aesthetic labour. 5. Having strong trade unions is the best way of enforcing CSR in the workplace. Critically discuss. 6. When employers invest in training a workforce they can increase the risks of them moving to get higher pay elsewhere. What measures might the HR manager use to restrict this outcome?

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Evaluate the HR Practices at Google or Facebook or other Such US .
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