Hamlet Essay Topics. Be sure to fully address the topic in your essay.
(Pick One of these topics) 1. Research and evaluate the effectiveness of allusion in Hamlet. Consider Hamlet’s soliloquies in particular. 2. Compare Hamlet, the character, with any other prince, king, political figure or literary protagonist. 3. Argue that the play does or does not make a significant comment about mental illness. You may also consider a comparison of attitudes towards mental illness then and now or simply examine coping mechanisms for stress or grief. Keep in mind, you must still have something to argue. 4.Examine either the role of women, religion or the supernatural in the play. 5.Trace the historical accuracy of any element(s) of the play. 6. Compare Hamlet to any other Shakespearean tragic hero. 7.Examine how any of the three forms of irony serves to further theme, plot or character in the play

Your essay should be four to six pages in length (12’ Times New Roman, double-spaced) and include 6 primary quotations and three credible academic literary criticisms as secondary sources, preferably found through Gale. Please double-space, include a creative title, and an MLA works cited. Include an annotated bibliography Other reminders:Topic sentences and thesis must be arguable. Points should be ordered in the intro as they occur in your essay You should clarify any key terms early in your paper Avoid first-person, slang and contractions Write consistently in the present tense, where possible Research through Gale, literary reference databases or literary online journals. Academic psychological and historical sources are also acceptable.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of allusion in Hamlet. Consider Hamlet’s soliloquies in particular
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