Deal, a thriving town to live, work and visit have been recognised in the media as winner of the Daily Telegraphs high street of the year, Britain’s most beautiful seaside town, and a place to cycle by the sea, among others. However, given the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism destinations, there is a need for a strategic plan to accelerate the recovery of Deal as a tourist destination.Therefore, your task is to:
A.Examine the benefits of strategic planning for tourism in a coastal area and illustrate that with an example of a destination that has benefited from it. (Academic and other sources must be used
B.Evaluate the importance of collaborative planning in tourism and justify why this approach would be useful for Deal.
Discuss the benefits of this approach for tourism recovery given the Covid-19 pandemic.
Part 2
C.Compile a brief tourism strategy with a clear vision and objectives, for the next two years which will address the current issues and challenges that Deal is facing.
D.Describe how your vision and objectives could be implemented and identify the key stakeholders that will be in charge of delivering those objectives.
E.Evaluate how your strategy is going to benefit the residents and visitors socially and economically.

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